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Friends of Rioja

We'll publish comments, news, interviews… from Chinese who have visited D.O.Ca. Rioja, or who have a special relationship with it. Through sharing experiences and advice we will make our community grow! If you are interested in sharing your stories, please write to, mentioning DISCOVER RIOJA in the subject title of your message.

Susie Wu


Susie Wu

China's first independence Wine critic, wine writer, international wine judger. She has published more than 10 books about wine, such as <I Vini Veneti>, <2008 wine guide >, <Wines From The Paradise-Chilean Wines>, <Wine can change your life>, <Reserva De La Bodega-Vino de Rioja>, <Cool Climate Wines-Austria、German、Alsace>, etc.



Susie's Wu's articles in her blog about Rioja Wine:

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DOCa Rioja series IV: The history of Rioja qualification labels 
DOCa Rioja series V: How to read Rioja qualification label 
DOCa Rioja series VI: The different business-format between Rioja and Bordeaux 
DOCa Rioja series VII: The Aging process of Rioja Wine