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If you like wine and culture, you do not have to go to the French Riviera to find a wine route. In Spain we also have a long, winemaking tradition that allows you to go on these trips without leaving our country.

La Rioja has much to offer: stunning scenery, art, history, culture... But a very interesting way to travel is to do it while we enjoy the cuisine of the places we visit. If you travel to La Rioja, something you cannot fail to appreciate is the wine of this region.

Clearly there are many points of artistic and cultural interest in Rioja, but there are also many related to the world of wine. One is, for example, the Dinastía Vivanco Museum of the Culture of Wine, where you can enjoy an impressive ethnographic collection of artworks related to the world of wine, and even a most curious collection: 3000 corkscrews!

An exciting alternative is to go fly a hot air balloon over the vineyards of Haro, a flight which lasts about an hour, where you can also enjoy a snack with Riojan Cava and get a diploma certifying your ballooning initiation.
Certainly worth a stop is the Arnedillo Spa, a complex in which there are two hotels and a spa with Roman baths, a wave pool and much more. Without a doubt, a place well worth visiting.